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MSX distribution arises from the intuition of the founders Andrew and Simon ... It all started when two friends for several years, started to look for a viable business idea. After several sleepless nights through studies and market researches, the idea was born: to invest in the field of Sex Toys, unexplored in Italy. Thanks to a continuous research of innovative and competitive sales strategies, today MSX is the Italian company's most important country in the 'adult'' and more and more present on 'game table' European. Within the new structure Distribution MSX has a huge warehouse, offices and logistics.Young marketers, experienced designers, they work daily to the business growth of an interesting and unique company.

How was the pleasure born?

MSX had become a reality. And now? Why sell only products made by others when they had years of experience about valuable feedback on how users search pleasure? Starting from this consideration arises the Toyz4Lovers line: sex toys of the highest quality that embody the features most wanted by online users. And everything at an affordable price. Winner of the 2011 Newcomer Toy Brand at Hanover EroFame, the Toyz4Lovers line fly high getting two more awards in the following year: 'Best Marketing Team 2012' and 'New Comer of the Year 2012'. Today it has 13 complete lines to meet all needs.