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  • 00802249
  • Barcode: 885943139839

Pack size:

Width: 59,00 cm Height: 50,00 cm Depth: 35,00 cm
  • Materials: Metallo; tpr; silicone;
  • Vibration: Yes
  • Penetration: 4 cm; 8 cm;
  • Color: Various
  • Manufacturer: Myworld
The Bendy love machine has been designed to match the simplicity to the power, infact, the simplicity of its remote-controlled system, with 2 meters long wire, combines the power of its engine that can reach 2.5 shots per second. Its mechanical arm can move up and down along a rod of about 40 cm and rotate 360 ° to adapt to any position. Adjustments are stable, thanks to robust knobs. The mechanical arm is equipped at its end with a flexible connector will allow the realistic tpr dildo and to anal silicone dildo to swing as you wish. Also the final part of the arm is suitable for Vacuum lock/ Vacuum grip sex toys. It also includes two stimulates nipples and clitoris with 120 cm wire. Power Supply: AC 110v / 120v and 220v / 240v; DC 15 volts, 1.6 amperes Instruction booklet included. Machine length 49 cm machine width 25 cm Machine height 40 cm

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