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Terms and Conditions

The following general conditions of sale are an integral part of all our contracts for the supply of items and materials, even when the orders are made by phone, by fax, e-mail or Internet.

  1. MSX Distribution Srl
    MSX Distribution Srl sells sex toys, sexual aids, stimulators and vibrating massagers, lingerie, hardcore DVD and articles intended for use in the erotic sphere of adults. The company has its registered office in Via Enrico Forlanini n. 43/47, 00012 Guidonia Montecelio (RM), is registered with the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, no. RM1345414, P.I. 12031641009, hereinafter referred MSX Distribution Srl.

  2. Customers
    MSX Distribution Srl, through its e-commerce platform www.msxdistribution.com, caters exclusively to trade visitors. The customer ensures that the purchase is only for professional purposes, that is relevant to their work. The relationship between MSX Distribution Srl and customers will therefore be governed by regulations to protect consumers, including in particular the Legislative Decree no. 185/1999 (distance contracts), Legislative Decree no. 50/1992 (right of withdrawal) , Legislative Decree no. 24/2002, Law 126/1991 and Articles. 1469 et seq. CC. It 'also considered excluding any other form of stipulation different from these conditions if you do not agree with MSX Distribution Srl in writing.

  3. MSX Distribution Srl
    is not liable for any loss or damage, direct or indirect, arising from late or non delivery of the product, from any inaccuracies in the descriptions of products listed on the site www.msxdistribution.com or documentation in general. In addition, MSX Distribution Srl is not responsible for any other event not directly attributable.

  4. Orders
    will be considered valid only if sent via Internet directly on the website or in writing by fax, e-mail and accepted by the commercial direction. You can also receive orders by phone but, in this case, MSX Distribution Srl is not liable for any incorrect information regarding the order. They will not accept orders of less than Euro (€) 50.00, VAT and shipping costs.

  5. Prices
    The prices published on the site www.msxdistribution.com are expressed in Euro (€), are per package and not include VAT (VAT will be presented in a custom shopping cart and upon conclusion of the order). As it regards the packages, where there no amount, we mean the package from a piece. Prices do not include shipping charges unless otherwise agreed between the parties or concessions by MSX Distribution Srl. The prices can be considered valid at the time of order and for products in the warehouse but are not to be considered as binding for MSX Distribution Ltd. which has the right to cancel the order at its sole discretion and / or to agree on the change in prices themselves.

  6. Price lists
    Access to lists published in www.msxdistribution.com site is subject to the registration procedure that involves filling out the online form and send via fax context of a business profile to date, with a date not earlier than 6 months since sending. MSX Distribution Srl reserves the right to remove access to lists retailers at any time in its sole discretion.

  7. Discounts
    MSX Distribution Srl will assign to retailers a discount based on the volume of annual purchase. Any subsequent discounts or favorable conditions are valid only if agreed in writing.

  8. Online transactions
    Customers MSX Distribution Srl already registered, the proper documentation and password that have signed agreements with MSX Distribution Srl specific agreements to this effect, they will make purchases online by submitting orders placed through the site www.msxdistribution.com .

  9. Delivery
    MSX Distribution Srl si impegna a consegnare tempestivamente il materiale oggetto dell’ordine, sulla base della disponibilità e degli ordini precedenti. La merce viaggia per conto del destinatario, pertanto MSX Distribution Srl non è in nessun modo responsabile del tempo di consegna dei corrieri a cui viene affidata la spedizione.

  10. Shipping
    Shipments, unless otherwise append written, will be carried out with the couriers with MSX Distribution Srl. The goods are at risk of the recipient, so MSX Distribution Srl is not responsible for any theft or loss by the carrier even if the goods are in port franc.

  11. Risk and property
    The goods, unless otherwise agreed in writing, is shipped prepaid debit invoice. Upon delivery, the customer must verify the integrity of packages and correspondence with the quantity and quality as specified in the transport document and report on the documents courier any matter relating to shortages and / or non-compliance. These findings will be reported by fax to MSX Distribution Srl within 24 hours. In case of withdrawal at the warehouses MSX Distribution Srl verification should be carried out immediately upon collection of the goods.

  12. Payment
    Payments for individual supplies must be made in accordance with the instructions on the sales document. In case of late payment after the deadline in the invoice we will be charged interest on arrears equal to the statutory interest increased by three points and related expenses.

  13. Billing
    Any claims or disputes on invoices will be accepted if they are received at the headquarters of MSX Distribution Srl by registered letter, fax or e-mail within eight days of receipt of the invoice.

  14. Returns
    The following provisions on Returns will be applied in two different cases: If an error of MSX Distribution Srl entering the order, the shipping or delivery; Should MSX Distribution Srl decides at its discretion, or in agreement with the customer, to apply rules more favorable for the customer. The goods are delivered ex warehouse at Via Enrico Forlanini 43/47, 00012 Guidonia Montecelio (RM). The material is transported at the risk of the customer even if sent carriage paid. Claims can only be accepted if notified by registered letter, fax or e-mail within eight days of receipt of the material: after this period lapses every right to protest.

  1. Conditions of acceptance of returns
    The acceptance of returns is subject to the following conditions:
  • bubble made showing the number of bubble reference MSX Distribution Srl, customer number and clear motivation for return;
  • products not damaged;
  • packaging and labels intact or under the same conditions of supply;
  • products not purchased under the promotion, although made total;
  • products made not later than one month from the date of receipt of the goods.

  1. Warranty
    In the event that the manufacturer's warranty is provided directly by this customer, the latter, for it to be activated, will contact the manufacturer itself and not to MSX Distribution Srl. The company MSX Distribution Srl note that some products may be regarded as medicinal in some EU countries in accordance with their domestic laws; We decline any and all liabilities, where the same are offered for sale by unauthorized parties.

  2. Privacy policy
    Check this page

  3. Jurisdiction
    The Tivoli Law Offices has exclusive jurisdiction and absolute for any dispute arising in connection with the purchase of products marketed by MSX Distribution Srl.

  4. Generals conditions
    The conditions contained in this document may be modified without notice and will be valid from the date of publication on the website www.msxdistribution.com.

  5. CSV Upload
    After the registration procedure, by completing the required form, you can download a csv and xml files for the exclusive use of the registered company. This file is not transferable and must be used exclusively by the company who made the recording. The company that made the registration is obliged to act with the utmost diligence in the use and storage of username, password and access codes and is therefore responsible for all the consequences arising from any misuse of the username, password or code Access. The user is also responsible for the accuracy of the information entered, assuming, from the time of validation of the profile, any civil or criminal liability arising from irregularities in the compilation of data. Username, password and access codes assigned or reserved to the User are strictly personal and are not transferable. The owner of the website, to the limitations prescribed by law, is not in any way responsible for damages that may arise to the User and / or third parties for the improper use of username, password and access codes. MSX Distribution reserves the right to suspend or revoke authorizations related to username, password or access codes in case of violation of the obligations assumed by you under this Agreement and any other contractual provision or law, general or special, discipline of the services provided through this Site. MSX Distribution also reserves the right to prohibit the use of the site to persons who have behaved in a manner considered unacceptable according to the discretion of the owners. You agree not to allow the use, for whatever reason, the service to third parties not expressly authorized by him for whose behavior is assumed, according to this document, the responsibility. If third parties without your authorization, use the service, the User, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, explicitly authorizes MSX Distribution to use their personal data protected by law for the purposes necessary to to protect the company and the same user.

  6. Delivery destination
    These articles are regularly registered user will receive ALWAYS at the premises indicated at registration and not at other locations later communicated.

  7. How to contact us?
    Telephone: (+39) 0774/556001 Fax: (+39) 0774/357915
    Email address: ordini@msxdistribution.com
    Warehouse: Via Enrico Forlanini, 43/47 – 00012 Guidonia Montecelio Rome (RM), Italy

Under Articles. 1341 - 1342 Civil Code the customer claims to have read all the articles of the Conditions of Sale and specifically accepted the clauses of the following items: 3) Responsibility, 5) Prices, 10) Dispatch, 12) Payment: 16) Warranty, 17) Privacy policy personal, 18) Jurisdiction, 19) General.